Eviction Services

Access Realty proudly offers eviction services for not only Access Realty Property owners but for “Non-Access Realty Owners” as well, this will be at the Property Managers discretion;

Unfortunately evictions can and do happen, and can happen to any landlord. No matter how great the tenant is, or how well they have been screened. Life situations happen, such as divorce, job loss, health problems, etc. When these things happen, it can sometimes leave the tenants unable to make the rent, or leave a landlord with no other recourse but to file an eviction. Below are the different types of evictions that can be filed. The eviction has to be on time and the property must be in good shape and clean do to covid issues, this content will help you with it.

  • 7-day Non-payment of Rent: This is an eviction that is posted when a tenant fails to pay rents when due.
  • 30 Day No-Cause: This eviction is typically done when tenant is out of a lease term, for reasons of owner wanting to sell, or owner not wanting to continue contract with that certain tenant.
  • Waste/Nuisance/controlled substance Eviction; Generally done when a tenant is becoming a nuisance to other residents, not following rules of the lease, compiling waste/trash on property, or is conducting drug use or manufacturing on property.
  • Lease Violation Eviction: When a tenant does not follow terms to a lease this type of eviction can be served, but this eviction does give the tenant an option to fix the issue(s).

Evictions can be a long, and very difficult process there are many steps that have to be taken, and laws that must be followed in regards to the service and filing of evictions. We can save you time and money from doing this. An eviction attorney can cost you thousands, and we can save you from having to pay a large lump sum just to get your property back. If you are wanting to have an eviction conducted on your tenants please contact the Property Manager Sidney Johnson at 775-513-0671 to discuss the situation further.

We do offer discounts for our Access Realty Property Owners, and we also offer an “Eviction Protection Program” for a small annual fee. For more information please talk to the Property manager.