Current Tenants

Whether you are a new tenant with Access Realty or have rented through us for years, you are all very important to our company. If there is anything you may not understand regarding your rental home or lease agreement PLEASE feel free to call our office during business hours, Our staff is always willing to help answer any questions you may have.
If you are having a maintenance emergency and it is after office hours please call our Maintenance Emergency line at (775)253-1191
IF any tenants are looking to buy after there lease term please let your Property Manager know, so we can help find you an amazing home furnished with quality elements.


  • ASSOCIATION TENANTS – Landscaping is YOUR RESPONSIBILITY unless it says otherwise in your lease. If Access Realty gets repeat complaints from the Association about you not maintaining your landscaping, We will send out a landscaper and this will be at your expense.
  • Tenants have laminate wood flooring installed inside their rental, please make sure you DRY MOP, or Swiffer this type of flooring as large amounts of moisture will warp them. If the wood flooring ends up warping due to too much moisture at fault of the tenant, this cost will also be tenant responsibility.
  • TENANTS PLEASE REMEMBER– you are responsible for all repairs up to the amount listed on your lease agreement page 4 section 28.
  • If you are on central heat/air YOU MUST CHANGE YOUR A/C FILTERS EVERY 30-45 DAYS, Per your lease agreement. (NOTE: If your A/C needs repair and the repair man diagnosis your A/C as not being “properly maintained” the repair and cost will be your responsibility.) Please keep in mind as A/C filters are only about $4 for a pack of 4 or 5, it is much cheaper to change them out then to pay for a broken A/C. Changing your filters also saves you money on your utility bills .
  • Tenants that are on WELL/SEPTIC, When it starts to get cold outside, PLEASE MAKE SURE YOUR PIPES ARE WRAPPED!
  • All Tenants – per lease agreement, an annual inspection can and will be conducted once every year. (Can be done with a 24hr notice if something is suspected or owner wants to gain entry.) Please understand that digital photos are taken during these inspections and inserted inside your file, which stays inside a locked cabinet and kept confidential.