Access Realty Testimonials:

  • “Dear Staff, We cannot thank-you all enough for everything you have done for us while we were renting through you. You have bent over backwards to keep us happy, I could not beleive how lucky we were to get all of our deposits back within 24hrs of the inspection. You truly are the best group of people we have ever done business with. Thank-you again! – Vern & Caryl Neblock
  • “I wish to express my appreciation for all the time and legwork you performed on mine and the owners behalf, when there could be so little commission involved with this sale if any friends or family should ever be interested in properties in Nevada I will be sure to recommend Access Realty.” – James Smith
  • “Never had any issues at all with Acces, Staff was always so friendly and helpful. We also chose them to buy a home” -The Kidds
  • “I truly enjoyed my time working with you guys and love the staff!” – Pelar Thompson
  • “Thank-you for all your kind employees and help over the past 4 years” – Joshua Renshaw
  • “Awesome dealing with Access Realty” – Bryan Woodson
  • “It’s truly been a wonderful experience deal with all of you at Access! Thank-you all so much!” – Shawna Leeth
  • “All of the front desk staff was always very helpful, nice, great, and customer service! It truly made moving here a breeze with the staff in your work-place I’d like to thank all of them for their help!” – Stephen Hanks
  • “I found this office due to a referral from an agent in Las Vegas. I mentioned Pahrump and she immediately mentioned Amy Williams and Access Realty.
    For months I had called real estate agents to see places but kind of got told to go away until I had cash and loan in hand. Since I hadn’t finished escrow on the sale of my current house, I couldn’t commit to an exact date etc. In other words, I was a difficult customer,I was an emotional wreck and desperate. Especially when my buyer wanted a 30 day escrow!
    I called Amy and it felt like I had the whole real estate office was out to help me! By Saturday she and her fellow agent, Maria, had several places for us to tour. We didn’t find the home we wanted. They took us back to the office and found the perfect one, it wasn’t even in the MLS! They did all the negotiations and held my hand all the way through the close of the escrow!
    The best part was making both Amy, Maria and the rest of the staff, friends. I would tell ANYONE that they should check with anyone at Access before they look or purchase a home in Pahrump Valley!” – Beverley Ritz
  • “Have used Access for several years now and have been very satisfied with their management services. The staff is very professional and attentive to the needs of the tenants and the landlords. We would highly recommend their services.” – Robert Rainey
  • “I have several single family residence rental properties in Pahrump. Like most newbee landlords I self managed, but realized with being out of town I needed someone local to manage my growing portfolio.  My agent who I buy thru helped me but he would rather sell then manage so I had to look elsewhere.  After TRYING to discuss my situation with 2 other alleged property management firms in Pahrump, who basically had their offices closed when I attempted to visit, did not return calls or called literally 2 weeks later, I stumbled on Access Realty.  I began slowly with one property.  Dan, the manager of the Property Mgmt. division is very knowledgeable about all aspects of property management and works with me on all problems that come up. The office is officially open Mon to Fri but someone always seems to be there on Saturday and Sundays.  Kim Washington, the owner is always available in emergencies when they do happen, which is what has prompted me to write this.I had a new tenant move in over the July 4 weekend.  It turned out the airconditioner had a leak and there was no freon.  She went out on Sat afternoon to try to open the cage covering the AC, but we could not locate the key.  We could not get a locksmith, and could not get a handyman to cut the lock off.  We decided to wait to the next day when my handyman would be available.  Later I found out the handyman was out of town and would not be in town on Sunday either.  I called Kim later Sat evening and informed her of this by voicemail.  Sunday AM she went back over to the house and through sheer determination was able to get the AC cover removed so the unit could be repaired.  When I spoke to her of this to give my appreciation she said she was worried for the tenant because it was to be so hot that day (over 100).  Needless to say the tenant was very happy with her, and I could not be more happier myself.This is but one of many instances where Kim, Dan Kelly, Terri the office manager, and their team have aided myself and my tenants in the different situations that arise in the field of property management.

    When I was first looking at them to handle my properties, I sat in the lobby of the office and watched how they treated their clients.  I was impressed with what I saw.  They treat the tenants and prospective tenants like I would like to be treated.

    I also want to point out they use a computerized accounting system that all landlord customers can access from home.  The information/data base is real time allowing a landlord to know his delinquency status and run various revenue and expense reports.  I make heavy use of this, and being a taxpreparer with many tax clients who have rentals properties, I have never seen one of my clients be able to use the computer based reports and services that the Access Realty property management system uses and provides.”  -T.S

  • “My wife and I had a good experience with Access Realty when we rented a townhouse in 2015. Our main concern was finding a place that was quiet and they delivered. They were also open to fixing a few cosmetic items that we noticed upon move in. When we had a few minor issues with plumbing and the garage door they made sure their service partners were dispatched quickly and these folks were courteous as well. We especially enjoyed our interactions with the owners daughter, Sidney.”  -Ross